Ronald Meijer works as an architect in Denmark and many other countries.

He qualified in Holland as a
Construction Engineer in 1963, but has since mainly specialised in architectural work.  He has worked as a architect for 30 years in Sweden and spent the last 14 years working in Denmark.

Ronald Meijer is a member of Swedish Association of Construction Engineers.

The combination
of being educated as a
construction engineer and working primarily as an architect has given him a depth of knowledge and experience to enable him to undertake building projects and find solutions to problems to high economic standards.

Design and creativity is also enhanced, drawing on his wide experience and can often result in competitive prices.

The architect's job does not have to end with  paper and pencil but can encompass contact with authorities, logistics etc if this is a requirement.

Over the years his company has been responsible for all kind of buildings from bungalows, banking premises and gas stations to big industrial units.

His company also deals with old properties which need renovation or modernisation.


Ronald Meijer has great experience in dealing with clients worldwide and has handled construction projects for clients in Denmark, Sweden, Holland, Germany, Baltic countries, Ukraine, Russia, Malysia.

Ronald Meijer speaks Danish, Swedish, German, Dutch and English.

Architect Ronald Meijer, Ådalen 24, DK-9700 Brønderslev. 
Tel: +45 9899 4888. Mobil +45 30367008.